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Welcome to Hautewerk.com           6/8/2023      

Hautewerk Lyrics


ŠKenny Howes

Something about New Orleans
Made me want to fall in love
And that's what really happened
Of all the crazy ladies
Of the crazy place it is
I would have to pick THAT one
She's older than her years
And the sounds she hears are real
But she never buys her albums
That she would ever pay attention
To the tension there
Was nothing I could fathom
There was something beneath,
An environment of grief
My sad, sad girlfriend
And it made my heart bleed
Which will be the end of me
My sad, sad girlfriend
I called her for a date but
I was always late, foot in my face
And nothing ever surfaced
So resigned to quit and
So I split the scene
To join the circus
She came up for a visit
I thought, this is it
At last, a chance to know her better
And then of course I did!
But how she is in life is
Much more dreary than her letters
She was bratty like a child
But it somehow made me smile
My sad, sad girlfriend
She kept her secrets hid
But who's she trying to kid
My sad, sad girlfriend
So I told her how I loved her
And she ran and hid her face
I do not regret my words
But I do regret the pace
Now she's driving me nuts
And I feel like a klutz
My sad, sad girlfriend
There was nothing else to say
When she told me to go away
My sad, sad girlfriend

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